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Karina King (Home Schooling) [VirtualTaboo] 3.83 GB

After mom and dad got divorced, you had to deal with a new stepmom, Karina King VR who is just barely older than you are. She really doesn’t like you living at home and takes every opportunity to let you know it. On top of that, your first year of college has been less than stellar. When you come home to find your bitchy stepmom holding your grades in her hand, you fear the worst. As you suspected, she is elated at your less than acceptable marks. You know that your father is going to flip and pull the plug on paying for school. She reminds you of the consequences of your failure but then surprises you. She offers to keep the poor grades from your father and knows you will do anything to stay out of trouble. She smiles knowing that she has you and takes down her dress. You know it’s wrong, but as she strips out of her dress, you realize it is just too good an offer to pass up. She looks like a hot VR porn model from your favourite taboo movies. She loves how hard your cock is for her and puts it into her mouth to make sure it’s nice and wet for her. You can’t believe it. The best head you have ever received is coming from your bitchy stepmom. Once she has you all ready, she slides on top and fills her horny hole with your meat. It feels amazing and she encourages you to go harder, deeper faster. At the last minute, you pull out and cum all over her face. As you shyly apologize she tells you that you’re going to have fuck her again which is absolutely all right with you.

Acted in porn video: Karina King (Home Schooling)
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Time of Clip: 00:35:51

Quality: Full HD
Type WebRip: 960p
Format: mp4
Video: 1920x960
File Size: 3.83 GB

Karina King (Home Schooling) [VirtualTaboo] 3.83 GB

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